Entrepreneurial Academy

We do not believe in parents simply paying tuition. In fact, we don’t believe in tuition at all. Tuition at KEA is an investment. An investment into the greatest asset of any parent, their child or children. By teaching entrepreneurship and helping students publish books, there is an immediate ROI on your tuition investment that not only pays out during the school year, but continues to pay out for a lifetime. KEA offers an ROI like no other school in the country.


Individualized self - paced curriculum that allows students to excel and learn at their own speed. Not every student who is 8 years old is ready for the third grade. At KEA each student has their own customized, tailor made, just for them, common core curriculum classes. KIKIFER’S Academy constantly produces honor roll and high honor roll student’s year after year.



Every brand needs a book to represent that brand. KIKIFER'S Academy produces young authors that grow their personal brand through their own published books. Parents and students see an ROI from sales of their student’s books that they are required to publish each year. Students are literally earning revenue daily while they are in school, or asleep, or at team practice after school.



Some of the greatest minds in the entrepreneur community have been known to say “if you do not come from a wealthy family then a wealthy family must come from you.” KIKIFER’S Academy wholeheartedly believes, teaches, and develops our young aspiring entrepreneurs with this philosophy in mind. That is why EVERY student, regardless of age, MUST start or manage their own small business.


How to make your student's quality education affordable.

KIKIFER’S Entrepreneurial Academy has scholarship programs and financial aid to assist families make their KEA education affordable. KEA also offers things such as sibling discounts and payment plans for those families in need. Students who do not qualify for a scholarship can apply for financial aid. Our financial aid and tuition assistance applications are handled with the strictest of confidentiality on an individualized basis.


Seating is limited for students who are  Illinois - In-State Residents, or National - Out-of-State residents. Our Illinois home state and National students enjoy the same benefits and dedication to excellence, just from a different perspective, either in person or virtually.


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